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Alban Ovanessian (he.him/they.them), born into a Franco-Armenian family, worked on film sets at a very young age where he.they was.were invited to learn about visual arts through set design and costume design. Arrived in Paris in 2011, he.they became assistant to Charlotte Collet, editor-in-chief of DOUBLE magazine, and collaborated with various fashion houses.


In 2012, he.they joined the Studio Harmonic and became apprentice of Corinne Lanselle and joins in 2016 the "Cycle Training" of the institute of performative arts P.A.R.T.S in Brussels where he.they performed pieces from Rosas (Vortex, Rosas danst Rosas, Drumming), Trisha Brown (Set and Reset, Early works), William Forsythe (Sider) and Boris Charmatz (10 000 gestures) among others. 


In 2019, Alban OVANESSIAN performed in the creation "Somnia" by Anne Teresa and Jolente de Keersmaeker in co-production with the Kaaitheater and the Kustenfestivaldesarts; after graduating from the institution, he.they devoted him.themself to his.their own creations. 

He.they presented at the P.A.R.T.S GXII Festival the video-installation « COMING in out » that will be also broadcast for the Queer Art Festival in Brussels, and the light-sound installation « ». 

In 2020, Alban OVANESSIAN joined the cast of the Company Norrdans in Sweden for two consecutive years where he.they performed pieces/performances by Nicole Beutler, Martin Forsberg, Ludvig Daae, Ioannis Mandafounis, Stina Nyberg. 


In 2020, Alban Ovanessian is commissioned to create a group’s piece for a video shoot for Norrdans based on his.their research « in.through.WATER », and in 2021, he.they is.are commissioned to create the duet « rosa.svart.station » with Rebecka Berchtold that toured for a season in whole Sweden. 

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